How Voidal Symmetry relates to Revelation & Quantum Physics..

Voidal Symmetry and the Book of Revelation

Voidal SymmetryThe theory that explains how all things came to be.

So how does the theory of Voidal Symmetry relate to the book of Revelation?
The opening passages describing  Johns vision of Heaven, and the number sets of Voidal Symmetry mirror each other, giving us a broader perspective of both.

Voidal Symmetry initially puts 4 dimensional facets to the primal singularity:

0 – void as a singular entirety (singularity)
1 – the something void is
-1 – the opposite of the something void is
2 – the sum of the two dimensions, nothing(sic) (-1) & something (1)

i.e., Void = 0, 1, -1, 2

As no time is involved in this dimension all four of these representations are valid in any sequence at the same time. This gives us 4 sets of 6 variations each and their checksums:

Now a pattern emerges. Written in Revelation 4 is a description of heaven:

Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders. They were dressed in white and had crowns of gold on their heads.

Each of the four sets in Voidal Symmetry contains 24 representations of the initial four dimensions.

In front of the throne, seven lamps were blazing. These are the seven spirits of God.

From the initial state of the primal void – 0, there are seven steps of realization until completion of the matrix is reached:
0 to 1 = step one
1 to -1 = step 2
+1/-1(2) = step 3
the six possible sequential variations beginning 0 = step 4
the six possible sequential variations beginning 1 = step 5
the six possible sequential variations beginning -1 = step 6
the six possible sequential variations beginning 2 = step 7

(Revelation 4:6) In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back. The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle. Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying:
“‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.”Whenever the living creatures give glory, honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever. They lay their crowns before the throne and say:
“You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being.”

There are 4 sets of possible sequential variations, each having 6 subsets. Each set consists of 24 new 'perspectives' of the same initial realities, and as such can certainly be considered eyes. Also, considering that each representation within the set is a mirror like representation of their predecessor they 'worship' their mentor by default.

Revelation 13:18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

If we discount void as simply a reference point, then using the same method of visualizing reality we can say that:

0 = nothing
1 = something
2 = the checksum of the two reality’s

As in Voidal Symmetry time is not a consideration in this representation of reality so every possible sequential variation is valid:

0 1 2
0 2 1
1 0 2
1 2 0
2 0 1
2 1 0
6 6 6

What this means is that 666 is the sum-total or 'checksum' of this simplified accounting of the perceived components of reality. It is the signature or 'face' of the subjective perspective.
The sub component 0, instead of representing one of the four invisible engines of Divine paradox 3, merely defines space, the opposite of matter (1).  One who formulates all thought and action based on this partial and subjective view of reality can only influence in a way that ultimately scatters into limbo. Also called the "number of the beast" because that whom it is attributed to is beast-like, - large, aggressive, consuming, and without empathy.

Outwardly acting with confidence, whilst frustrated and enraged by an innate sense of exclusion and ultimate defeat. The subjective and blind philosophy caricatured in 666 paints an accurate face on 'the beast' that is man.

Voidal Symmetry & Quantum Mechanics: The Standard Model

I am a musician, not a physicist or mathematician, however I have noticed a direct correlation between Voidal Symmetry and discoveries in Physics.

Physicists have discovered there are 12 fundamental building blocks of matter (particles) and their antiparticles (antimatter). They are described as Quarks and Leptons. In our 3 dimensional sequential realm only 3 of these constituents are needed to create matter; the Up Quark, the Down Quark, and the Electron. These constituents have minute electrical charges. Electrons have a negative charge, Up Quarks have a +2/3 charge, and Down Quarks have a -1/3 charge. The first three fundamentals in Voidal Symmetry are (+1)(-1) and 0. A neutron which has no electrical charge consists of two Down Quarks and one Up Quark, so it has a total charge of (-1/3) + (-1/3) + (+ 2/3) = 0.

(Image borrowed from Fermilab)

Six quarks, six leptons, and four forces (bosons). They also have electrical charges which are fractions of the whole. This is exactly what the initial dimensions of Voidal Symmetry are – different sides of the same coin so to speak. Coincidentally these fractional charges also add up to 0.
On level one of it's realization the fundamental building blocks of Voidal Symmetry also add up to 0.

+1|-1(2) = 0(2)

Copyright: Andrew C Thursby-Pelham April 14, 2011

Voidal Symmetry:

The Biblical Numbers.. 666

Written in the book of Revelation is a verse that describes the number 666 as being the number of man [Revelation 13:17-18 (New International Version)]. This number has been a cause for much speculation and continues to be associated primarily with evil, or "The Beast". Many people believe it is the number of a single person who is the Antichrist. Whilst this may be true I believe that this number actually labels a collective attitude that is anti-Christ or atheist. I believe that this number is representative of a blind-sighted view of reality.

If we view physical existence as an entirety and ascribe simple numbers to it's parts we come up with a checksum total that is 666. To demonstrate this we look at the fundamental parts of the universe. The physical part is given the number "1"; the Space or Voidal part is given the number "0", and the sum of these two quanta, that is both Space and Matter combined as a whole is given the number "2".

As all three of these numerical representations are valid in any sequence, all possible variations are present at once.

0 1 2
0 2 1
2 1 0
2 0 1
1 0 2
1 2 0
6 6 6

666 is the numerical total of this matrix of existence. Because it discounts "0" or Void as merely nothing it has a subjective and ego driven conclusion. It has a perspective of reality that cannot make a complete and accurate judgement because its reference relies solely upon its own view of existence - the Space/Time continuum. It makes all it's assumptions based upon the result, of which it is also a part. This can be very convincing as all of the physical references are self evident, however the Voidal matrix which gave birth to all existence is only referenced as a vague assumption. This creates an inborn frustration which manifests as evil.

Andrew C Thursby-Pelham © 1986

Voidal Symmetry (0=1)

How did the universe begin?

Where does Matter come from?

How come everything fits together so perfectly?

I believe the answer to these and other questions pertaining to life can be answered here..

Before physical existence and time began there was a state of complete nothingness; a true Singularity. Being the only reality, that nothingness was also an irrepressible paradox, because it's self-evidence was "Something". 

"Voidal Symmetry"is an allegory to help us visualize the dimensional structure formed by the paradox of the primal singularity prior to the formation of reality as we understand it.
"Nothing" - the Primal Void; was in actuality "Something". Of course the terms "was" and "is" don't definitively apply in this context as time does not yet exist. But if we describe this quantum in the simplest possible numerical terms, we can say that:

Nothing = 0
Nothing = 1 [(0 x 1)-1] i.e. the Something that Nothing is.

The result is an undeniable paradox that forces the creation of an infinitely dense set of dimensional possibilities into being, and hence the sequence of physicality. For if we imagine that time has stopped; all the material and events become an infinitely dense solid, where "nothing" is a baseless concept. Whereas seeing physical reality as only existing in the moment, appearing and disappearing at the same instant; allows us to appreciate it's true voidal identity.

As Void - 0, becomes self-evident -1, reality defines itself as both unseen and physical quanta. 1 and 0 still retain their voidal identity, but “something” (1 x 1) is also expressed as a physical sequence. Because physicality is sequential, the paradox of voidal reality always remains.

This initial ‘self realization’ forces the paradox to create other dimensions relative to itself. Being both something and nothing means it is now also "2" realities; (0 & 1) the nothing it is and the something it is, while still keeping it's separately defined constituent realisations.

Furthermore, once Void becomes self evident, it's reality compounds relative to its other persona, revealing a third dimension; -1, the opposite of it's Something “1” reality.

Void = 0 (Nothing)
Void = 1 (Something)
Void = 2 (Something + Nothing)
Void = -1 (Not Matter)

Primal Void therefore, is multidimensional. All of these facets are valid relative to each other. Relationship changes depending on how possibilities manifest sequentially. All possible sequential variations are valid and omnipresent, as Void is timeless. Variations manifest serially, never repeating as individuals along the whole space time continuum. This is why Matter forms sets of symmetrical patterns; the blueprint already exists inside the voidal density.

-1 0 1 2 = 2/4    0 -1 1 2 = 2/4   1 -1 0 2 = 2/4    2 -1 1 0 = 2/4
-1 0 2 1 = 2/4    0 -1 2 1 = 2/4   1 -1 2 0 = 2/4    2 -1 0 1 = 2/4
-1 1 0 2 = 2/4    0 1 -1 2 = 2/4   1 0 -1 2 = 2/4    2 1 -1 0 = 2/4
-1 1 2 0 = 2/4    0 1 2 -1 = 2/4   1 0 2 -1 = 2/4    2 1 0 -1 = 2/4
-1 2 1 0 = 2/4    0 2 -1 1 = 2/4   1 2 0 -1 = 2/4    2 0 1 -1 = 2/4
-1 2 0 1 = 2/4    0 2 1 -1 = 2/4   1 2 -1 0 = 2/4    2 0 -1 1 = 2/4
-6 6 6 6 =12/24 0 4 4  4 =12/24 6 2  2 2 =12/24 12 0 0 0 =12/24

Here we can see how the self-evident realities of the primal singularity Void  form into three dimensional - sequential reality. Every possible sequence of the 4 representations is valid.
In space-time matter appears and disappears at the same instant, continuing over time in a cohesive and geometrically interdependent fashion because of the string of inter-dimensional predefinition.

The macro fundamentals of Voidal Symmetry remain fundamental, but the physical consequence appears to create a relative response between the physical and non-physical, dynamically varying the relative realities of both. In other words one influences the other which redefines the former, thereby defining the constant struggle between symmetrical existence and chaos.

Because the something that nothing is, is nothing; the only way physical reality can be realised is sequentially.

Singularity is a loop! 0 = 1 = 0 = 1

Andrew C Thursby-Pelham © 1986